2021 International Conference on Risk Analysis and Emergency Management (RAEM2021)
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Topic 1: Information-based disaster prevention and mitigation

The application of big data in disaster processing,meteorological disaster risk management,disaster platform construction,  disaster monitoring and early warning, information disaster processing,
Information-based seismic safety, Agricultural risk analysis, risk prevention and management in geology, ecology and meteorology, Energy security and risk assessment, 
disaster risk system,Risk analysis and management of natural disasters, information-based flood control and flood fighting, risk assessment method of information-based disasters, monitoring and early warning of geological disasters based on spatial information technology,
mining and underground engineering,Machine decision making in emergency management other related topics


Topic 2: Smart City security

Smart traffic safety, smart police safety, smart logistics safety,smart power grid safety, wearable intelligent safety,
Application of Artificial Intelligence in City Safety, Satellite and City Safety, Intelligent emergency response, Big Data and public safety, Risk analysis and Control in aviation,Public health risk analysis, 
risk prevention and control of urban geological disasters,risk prevention and control of urban geological disasters, emergency management of emergencies, data-based management of gas and underground pipe networks,

 intelligent investigation technology of disasters and accidents,

AI medical big health, big data warning, big data monitoring, big data emergency response, 

big data recovery,

Automation and intelligent equipment other related topics

Topic 3: Information and data security

Information System Security and Management,Network Security, Personal Device Security, Supply Chain Security, Information Hiding and Detection,User Privacy protection in Data,
 Information Systems Engineering design, Cryptography, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things Security, Intelligent Information processing,Grid security, 
cloud storage security, data security, network security protection system,Internet risk analysis and management,Information system risk perception and situation analysis, 
information security vulnerability analysis, security management in blockchain,data isolation security and other related topics