2021 International Conference on Risk Analysis and Emergency Management (RAEM2021)
Prof. Wu Jianqing


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Prof. Wu Jianqing

Shandong university, China

Speech titleEmerging methods about traffic safety-critical technologies


Road traffic injuries have   become the eighth leading cause of death for people of all ages, which   remains a serious problem globally. Multi-vehicle (MV) crashes and Vehicle-pedestrian   (VP) crashes have been a major concern for traffic safety. Random parameters   logit model with heterogeneities in the means and variances was developed to   identify the critical contributing factors of MV crashes. The emerging   roadside light detection and ranging (LiDAR) has been deployed for VP near-crashes   detection. A comprehensive database was built based on the data collected in   different countries. Detailed data processing algorithms and safety analysis will   be introduced. The innovate methods were evaluated using the data collected   in different sites.


Brief biography:

Jianqing Wu is a professor at Shandong University. He is the Qilu Young Scholar, the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. His major research field is intelligent transportation systems, traffic safety and natural driving data analysis. Prof. Wu has published more than 30 SCI/SSCI papers in well-known journals, such as AAP, IEEE ITSM and TRR. Besides that, he was rewarded with the ITE Science and Technology Progress Award, TRB Outstanding Paper and Science and Technology Award of the Federal Highway Administration. Prof. Wu has hosted 10 projects with the funding of more than ten million.